Our History


We have been ministering to residents of Washington, Missouri, since 1850. We currently have 122 members (2013). Our denomination traces its beginnings to 16th century Europe when John Calvin (of Switzerland) and John Knox (of Scotland) established Presbyterianism. Several signers of the Declaration of Independence were Presbyterians, and since 1983 our local church has belonged to the national Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Our church is a member of the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy.

The Presbyterian Church of Washington brings together the traditional and the new as we seek to worship and serve God together. As we remember God’s faithfulness in the past, we are called to serve God today in new ways. In 1993, we moved from a small traditional building to a modern facility. In June of 2000, we celebrated our 150th anniversary. Our traditional stained glass windows brought from the previous church building blends into the contemporary architecture of our new sanctuary.


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