Church Library

About the Church Library

Our Church Library inventory is in the process of being renovated. New books and media will be added soon. Materials will all try to support the mission and vision of PCW and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

While we sort through our existing materials, there may be opportunities for individuals to look through the materials we chose to remove from the library’s circulation. At the moment, books and media removed from circulation are currently in the unused classroom directly next to the library. NOTHING HAS BEEN THROWN OUT YET. But, at some point, unwanted materials will need to find a home somewhere else. This could include donating these materials to our Annual Book Sale.

If you have materials you would like to donate to the church library, session recently adopted a Church Library Collection Plan. Please click the link below and read the policy prior to donating any materials.

New materials in the library will be promoted once renovation nears completion.